The Epidemic of Traumatic Brain Injuries

The human brain is one of the most amazing organs in our body. Its optimal function is imperative for life. It is a very soft structure, protected only by the bony skull. The skull is a hard covering with space between the soft brain and the inner surface of the cranial vault.


A blow to the head or any movement that causes the brain to move inside the skull easily bruises the brain. This is an image of what happens when you suffer from a concussion:


As you can see the brain is tossed around within the skull causing it to be easily bruised by impact against the hard inner aspect of the bony skull. When the brain is bruised bleeding occurs within the soft brain tissue and creates damage and swelling. Even with what appears to be minor impact injuries, the brain can still be bruised.

There is an epidemic of traumatic brain injuries in our country from the following:

  • Contact sports like football and soccer
  • Veterans who have sustained explosion injuries
  • Car accidents/whiplash
  • Children falling off high places
  • Bicycle and motorcycle accidents


Our children should not be using their head to hit the ball.


We know about the dangers of playing football. How many more athletes have to suffer from chronic brain injuries before we wake up and find safer sports for our kids?

Just wearing a helmet in contact sports or biking will not protect the soft brain tissue as you can see from the above graphic image. Learning to avoid such injuries is the best prevention. But, if you have sustained a traumatic brain injury, neurofeedback can help your brain recover over a period of time.

We do an initial EEG to see where the problem areas are located. Then a training protocol is developed to help your brain restore more optimal function. Brain wave training is safe, non-invasive and very effective in restoring more normal brain wave activity.

 Please call me at 303-986-0492 for a brief phone consultation. Don’t wait to find out more about this wonderful healing resource.

 Wanda Bedinghaus, MD

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