Dale Brown

I broke my pelvis in two places as a result of a fall. Referred to as an “open-book” fracture, the medical procedure was to surgically repair the front fracture using a plate and 4 pins and by inserting a 4.5” screw to close the rear fracture. I was fortunate with the initial emergency care and surgeries, but the screw in the rear worked loose during physical therapy and was removed. The x-rays and an MRI showed the sacrum not healing. I was looking forward to a long-anticipated family vacation to Greece and my doctor instructed me to use a walker during the trip. He cautioned that I was likely in the 3% category of people with pelvis breaks where the sacrum area does not heal after 6-8 weeks and further surgery would likely be required on my return. I panicked. My wife suggested I consult with her homeopathic doctor, Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus of Healing Unleashed, LLC. She evaluated my situation and recommended a calcium remedy to stimulate healing in that area. After completing the treatment regimen of Dr. Bedinghaus during the six-week trip to Greece, the orthopedic surgeon was surprised on my return to see that the sacrum fracture was healed. I am now fully recovered from the broken pelvis. I consider the introduction to Dr. Bedinghaus one of God’s blessings and credit Dr. B for diagnosing and being the catalyst to the healing of my pelvic fracture.

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Dale BrownDenver, CO

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