Amber Ludwig

A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with chronic hormonal urticaria, or chronic hives. It was a very scary time as I was in and out of the ER, on many types of medication and I had seen multiple doctors trying to get to the bottom of it. After completing every test these top doctors could think of I was told that I would be on medication for the rest of my life and that there was no cure. I tried taking the problem into my own hands doing every test I could think of – changing my diet, exercise, spiritual healing, etc. I had to heavily rely on my medication and nothing was changing.

Just over two months ago I was about to cave in and resign to the fact that I would have this be a part of my life forever. Then I reached out to Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus from Healing Unleashed. Our first consultation was extremely POWERFUL. She got to the source, gave me a remedy and I am forever grateful for the changes that have occurred. Today I am proud to share I have been completely off my medication for a week and am feeling great!!

Wanda has an awesome ability to find the root of the problem both intuitively and by using her extensive education and experience. I would recommend ANYONE having ANY sort of illness or concern to go see Dr. Wanda immediately. Don’t think twice. She changed my life forever in such a positive way – that is priceless.

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Amber LudwigEnglewood, CO

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