Spin on the Wheel

Is it possible to achieve wellness, wholeness and creativity by growing in just one or two areas of life?  The answer is “no.”  Can a person learn about and change how they eat, exercise, communicate, and play all at once?  That would be hard.  Yet there is a simple way to make sure that improvement in one area of life spreads to other dimensions of life.  This simple way is by doing a “spin on the wheel.”  The “spin on the wheel” technique was developed by the creators of The Wellness Inventory System.   Healing Unleashed® offers this wonderfully complete system to Denver area residents.
So what is a spin on the wheel?  A spin occurs when a person explores how making a change in one area of life can benefit many other areas of life.  Here’s an example.  Let’s say that Larry wants to improve the balance between working and playing in his life.  Working with a wellness coach, Larry creates three simple, doable wellness steps to achieve the balance he seeks between work and play.  Before Larry launches his new plan, he does a spin on the wheel to discover how balancing work and play might benefit other areas of his life.
Larry immediately sees that balancing work and play will increase his commitment to self-love and self-responsibility.   By reducing his work hours he will be able to eat more healthy meals and lose some weight.  Larry realizes that if he loses weight, he may be able to jog again without damaging his knees.  As Larry examines himself deeply, he admits that his marriage has been stale for some time.  He hopes to include his spouse in some of the new play activities, and this will help make the relationship exciting again.  Making more time for play will allow Larry to return to his favorite hobby, music.  And Larry knows that when he plays music his creativity goes up so his business will prosper.
So there it is.  Making just one positive change in life is like tossing a pebble in a pool and watching the waves of benefit flow outward in ever-wider circles.

by Joan Sloss Ed.D. CMMT

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