What is Brain Mapping (QEEG)

Traditional MRIs and CAT scans only give us information about the structure of the brain. Brain maps tell us about the function of the neural connections within the brain – revealing whether there is too much activity in certain areas or too little.

After doing a brain map for you or your child--
  • we design the best treatment protocol to help your brain self-correct
  • we provide neural therapy that improves the brain’s ability to regulate its functions
  • we help your brain become “unstuck” from dysfunctional brainwave patterns that are interfering with learning, behavior, mental function, mood, focus, memory
  • we help your brain establish neural pathways that are coordinated for more efficient function.

In other words, we can find where the source of the brain dysfunction is and begin to correct it.


What sets Healing Unleashed apart from other clinics offering QEEG’s (brain mapping) and neurofeedback:
  • Our neural evaluations and therapies are under the direction of a licensed medical physician - Dr Wanda Bedinghaus
  • Dr. Bedinghaus performs a thorough brain-body history and examination
  • The QEEG’s are done right in our office
  • Appropriate lab tests are ordered to assess metabolic health and the possible need for micronutrients to help improve and support brain function
  • Dr Bedinghaus guides the patient on how to do an elimination diet that cuts-down inflammation of brain tissues
  • Gut health is evaluated: Gut health and brain health are interconnected
  • We accepted some major insurance plans