Raising healthy, happy, vibrant children is a REALITY at Healing Unleashed

Dr. B loves children

Dr. B loves children

I became a pediatrician for one simple reason:  I love children.  For over 30 years I have dedicated my life to helping thousands of children grow into the beautiful beings they were created to be.  During my first years in pediatric practice I learned some important things about children.  Yes, they are resilient, but they are also vulnerable.  Their immune system at birth is not well developed, and thus it is important that they are protected with good nutrition that comes best from breast-feeding and the later introduction of solid foods.  If they do get sick, holistic medicine can actually boost their developing immune system.  Using antibiotics too often actually interferes with their capacity to develop natural antibodies. 

I also learned that children need love and positive affirmation as they learn to live in a world with so many choices.  Children respond best to loving discipline.  Their developing sense of “self” can be crushed from constant yelling and belittling words from frazzled parents.  Our children need to know that somebody cares about them, and that they are strong and worthy of love, affection and a healthy lifestyle.  Children also need to have a spiritual perspective of life that will add meaning as they grow and mature.

I have learned that traditional medicine often does not take a holistic approach to helping parents with critical issues about their child’s healthcare.  I am often appalled at the number of prescription medications that are being used for children with mood disorders, learning and behavioral problems.  That’s one of the reason I made the decision many years ago to learn a different approach to facilitate healing in the young patients I have the honor to help. 

 Wanda J. Bedinghaus, MD