Orthopedic Massage Treatment for Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff Problems, in Lakewood and Denver, CO

What causes shoulder pain?

First and foremost posture causes shoulder pain. Many cases of shoulder pain are not related to injury.  Most shoulder injuries occur because posture and shoulder mechanics are not correct.

How does maladaptive posture lead to shoulder pain, injury and rotator cuff problems?

Most people slump into rounded shoulders with forward head. Slumping puts the shoulders at mechanical disadvantage.  The scapula (shoulder blade) must be correctly positioned and must move without restriction in 3-planes of motion.  Postural slump positions the shoulder blade abnormally upward, forward and sideward.  With poor posture, some muscles that operate the shoulder joint become too short and strong while other muscles become too overstretched and weak.  Orthopedic massage can correct these problems..

What are the early signs of shoulder problems?

Pain and any loss of full range of motion are signs of oncoming shoulder problems.  The big mistake most people make is to ignore pain until a major shoulder problem exists..

Does shoulder function diminish with age?

It is not age, but shortened, tight, weak, inhibited muscles that limit shoulder movement.  The author restores full shoulder range of motion to older adults on a regular basis.  Even after injuries and surgeries, orthopedic massage can improve shoulder movement.

What are the most common types of shoulder surgery?

Surgery is done to repair rotator cuff tears, to remove large spurs, to relieve impingement, to improve joint stability, to repair fractures and separations, and to repair major degeneration of bones that occur with severe arthritis. Orthopedic massage is the best option whenever pain and poor range of motion persist after surgery and physical therapy.   In general, it is safe to receive orthopedic massage six weeks after surgery.

Can shoulder pain persist after surgery?

Most shoulder surgeries are successful and achieve joint stability. Surgery does not correct muscle physiology or muscle function. For example, very short and tight bicep muscles can pull the humeral bone up against the acromion bone, creating impingement.  For best post-surgical results, all muscles that attach to and move the shoulder bone components should be evaluated.  Orthopedic massage restores good muscle function by correcting muscle length, tone, strength and symmetry.

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