Orthopedic Bodywork

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Healing Unleashed Excels at Orthopedic Bodywork in Denver, CO

Orthopedic massage and bodywork address joint dysfunction, pain & restriction on movement, chronic muscle pain related to poor body mechanics, and pain from degenerative musculo-skeletal conditions.  It is very helpful for the following conditions—

Recovery from injury (work, sports, car, other mishaps)
  • severe neck strain and spasm, whiplash
  • low back and sacral strain
  • sciatic nerve pain
  • painful hip, hip movement restricted
  • rotator cuff injuries
  • scar tissue
  • tendinitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis
  • scoliosis
  • hyperkyphosis
Better recovery after orthopedic surgery especially when pain or restriction of movement continues after surgery
  • hip replacement
  • knee replacements, scopes, repair of damage & tears
  • rotator cuff repair
  • post dental work jaw pain
Chronic or severe pain from sports
  • runner’s knee & runner’s side stitch or cramp
  • tennis elbow & golfer’s elbow
  • climber’s shoulder & baseball shoulder
  • biker’s groin pain
  • patellofemoral syndrome
  • iliotibial band contracture
Repetitive strain injury & occupational stresses on body
  • keyboarding
  • poor work station ergonomics
  • lifting, carrying (postal, restaurant, warehouse employees, etc)
  • heavy equipment use (construction, facilities maintenance)
  • carpal tunnel syndrome & thoracic outlet syndrome
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