Medical Massage Treatment for Neck and Back Pain Related to Posture, In Lakewood and Denver, CO

Does poor posture really cause pain?

Absolutely, yes.  The body is designed to bear weight, negotiate gravity and handle loads.  When posture is normal, the body is protected from excess forces like compression and shear.  Normal posture also maintains good spinal alignment that protects both the vertebra and the disks from wear and tear.  All the joints of the body are protected by good posture.  Correct posture means good body alignment and good body mechanics.

Why is it so hard to correct posture?

A young person’s body tends to remain soft and pliable even when posture is terrible.  This changes as we age.  Over time muscles adapt to positions of placement and use, leading to adaptive muscle state changes.   Some muscles become chronically short, tight, and compressed.  Other muscles become chronically overstretched, weak and tense.  Once these conditions exist, it can be very hard to improve your own posture.  You will need myofascial release work to restore normal tone, length, strength and plasticity to the muscles and soft tissues.

Are there other complications from poor posture?

Yes.  Trigger points can form in muscles and they can be very painful.   Circulation to the muscles is impeded so less oxygen and nutrients are delivered.  Waste products or metabolites are less effectively carried-away so the fluid surrounding muscles and other tissues is not as clean as it should be.  Such internal physical conditions can lead to fibromyalgia and other painful muscle conditions.

Why is posture so important to overall health?

Remember that posture always affects what is going on inside the body.  The body doesn’t waste space.  Organs, glands, muscles and nerves are packed in tightly.  Correct posture decompresses the body, creating space for the body’s compartments and organs.

Does massage improve posture?

It depends on the goals of the therapy, the techniques used, and the ability of the client to maintain changes in posture.  Regular relaxing massage will not, in general, improve posture.  It is the overstretched muscles that feel tight and painful.  Massage therapists tend to massage or stretch the overstretched muscles of the back.  To improve posture, massage, stretching and fascial lengthening must be given to the shortened muscles on the front of the body.  Myofascial techniques are more effective than stroking techniques.  Find a massage therapist who specializes in improving posture.  Be sure the therapist performs fascia work, not just muscle work.

Get treatment now for posture related pain

For the past 20 years, Dr. Joan Sloss, Ed.D. LMT, has treated muscle spasm and soft tissue pain related to posture problems. Joan is joint owner of the Healing Unleashed holistic medical center located in the Spring Hill West Office building in South Lakewood and serving metro Denver and Colorado patients.  Joan holds a doctorate in Human Movement and has over 2000 hours certified training in physiotherapy including certification in medical massage and certification in wellness.

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Dr. Joan Sloss will review your pain problem with you by phone to determine whether or not muscle spasm is present.  Full assessment of the problem and effective treatment take place during your appointment for therapy. Call Healing Unleashed at 303.986.0492 now to make your appointment.