Medical Massage Treatment for Fibromyalgia, in Lakewood and Denver, CO

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What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a soft tissue disease that is strongly connected to autonomic nervous system imbalance.  The common symptoms are body-wide pain with tender points in joints, muscles, and connective tissues.  Like other diseases that involve autonomic nervous system imbalance, fibromyalgia symptoms include fatigue, sleep problems, headaches, depression and anxiety.

Possible Causes of  Fibromyalgia
  • Science is still working to determine the exact causes of FMS.
  • Unhealed pain from physical trauma can lead to FMS.
  • Unresolved emotional trauma and ongoing high-stress factors are also linked to FMS.
  • Autonomic nervous system imbalance from chronic high stress and pain is linked to FMS.
  • Abnormal pain transmission responses are linked to FMS
Fibromyalgia and the autonomic nervous system

The ANS has 2 divisions that govern all functions of all organs, glands and muscles of the body.  For long-term health to be maintained, the organs must receive more parasympathetic innervation and less sympathetic innervation. When the parasympathetic division is dominant, the body performs functions like repair, regenerate, reorganize, assimilate, and reproduce.  Caffeine, sugar, stress, noisy and busy environments, interpersonal conflict, overwork and multi-tasking all cause the sympathetic nervous system to become dominant.  The sympathetic system is connected to the “fight or flight” response, now known as the stress response.  FMS may develop because the body is not given sufficient time for reparation, restoration, assimilation, and reorganization.

Is chemical holding a sign of FMS?

Intra-muscular chemical processes create strength, endurance and general muscle work.  Several chemical reactions produce ATP, the main source of energy for muscle contraction.  Other chemical reactions break-down ATP for energy.  This ongoing chemical work produces metabolites that can be toxic if not carried away by the lymphatic system.  The burning pain that is common in the soft tissues of FMS patients is a sign that lymphatic system cleansing is insufficient.  A slowing of lymphatic work is associated with lack of exercise, stress and autonomic nervous system imbalance.

Treatment for FMS

FMS patients often experience significant reduction in pain while receiving regular medical massage.  FMS patients require individualized treatment.  Some patients must be treated very gently, or pain worsens.  Other patients do best with more pressure and more manipulation of soft tissues.  In general there are two therapeutic goals for all FMS patients.  Eliminate chemical holding and induce relaxation.  Patient wellness education is also imperative.

Get Treatment Now for Fibromyalgia

For the past 20 years, Dr. Joan Sloss, Ed.D. LMT, has treated fibromyalgia pain and other soft tissue pain problems.  Joan is joint owner of the Healing Unleashed holistic medical center located in the Spring Hill West Office building in South Lakewood and serving metro Denver and Colorado patients.  Joan holds a doctorate in human movement and has over 2000 hours certified training in physiotherapy including certification in medical massage and certification in wellness.

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