Medical Massage for Kids Ensures Healthy Muscles and Joints

Everyone loves a massage and that includes kids. Massage is a wonderful way to help children become aware of their bodies and learn how to protect it from injury. Our medical massage service at Healing Unleashed is under the direction of Dr. Joan Sloss who can work wonders with children.

 Dr. Sloss will assess your child’s musculoskeletal health, body alignment/balance, and she will correct body mechanics. Unknown to most parents, musculoskeletal problems are common in children.

  • Posture
  • Flexibility of muscles and joints
  • Any problem areas such as

o   scoliosis

o   one leg shorter

o   toe walking and other gait problems

o   pelvic rotation

o   torticollis also called “wry neck”

o   cumulative trauma from sports and injuries

o   head and cervical mal-alignment from falls and accidents

o   knee problems common in adolescents

o   hip-leg-foot alignment problems

 After the evaluation, Dr. Sloss, will use manual therapy to help correct any imbalances she discovered. Children usually respond very quickly to this type of gentle bodywork.

 An important aspect to our holistic medical practice is education. Dr. Sloss will educate you and your child on how to protect the joints and muscles from injury from everyday play activities and especially during sports participation.


When thinking about your child’s health, DON’T FORGET THERAPEUTIC BODYWORK.

 As a pediatrician, one of the therapies I am particularly interested in providing for our young patients is craniosacral therapy. Dr. Sloss is very skilled in this gentle technique. She has worked with several of our young patients to restore balance and harmony in the body and to the cranium.

 Dr. Sloss is available for a complimentary phone call to answer your questions. 303-986-0492