Knee pain

Knee pain can be scary and can greatly limit your activity. Many people assume major joint problems require surgical intervention, but this often isn’t the case. Problems like runner’s knee and patella chondromalacia can be easily healed with orthopedic massage and manual therapy.

It’s a good idea to consult with an orthopedic medical doctor for evaluation and diagnostic tests to determine if your knee pain is caused by superficial dysfunction or deep dysfunction. Deep dysfunction means you need physical therapy or surgery, because a problem exists within the joint capsule of one (or more) of the knee’s three joints. Superficial dysfunction is best treated with manual therapy and orthopedic massage.

Plus, sometimes successful surgical reconstruction of a knee joint doesn’t totally eliminate knee pain. This indicates that your knee problem includes a soft-tissue component. After surgery, our orthopedic massage finishes the job by balancing the total mechanical forces acting upon your knee. We may need to work segments of your pelvis, hip, upper leg, lower leg, ankle, and foot to ensure your knee is able to work correctly without undue mechanical stress.

Also, many people have weak, underdeveloped hip adductors along with hypertonic, overdeveloped hip abductors. This combination can lead to knee problems for those who exercise or participate in sports. Others have compacted muscle bundles within the thigh muscles. And some people have connective tissue adhesions that interfere with independent muscle action. All these problems can create knee pain and can be readily healed with medical massage.

If you have a weight-bearing or gait problem causing knee pain, we can help to correct this with a combination of orthopedic massage and manual therapy. These problems include tibial torsion, supination of the foot, and inflexibility of the quadriceps, hamstrings, and iliotibial muscles. These conditions can lead to knee joint dysfunction and pain, and we can correct the problem and alleviate the pain with medical massage therapy. Plus, because we believe in education and wellness, we will help you change any negative behavior or lifestyle causes.

You and your surgeon need to keep in mind that correctly diagnosing knee pain can be tricky if soft-tissue components aren’t evaluated. Again, joint dysfunction can be caused by problems inside the joint capsule or by soft-tissue problems outside the joint. When one of the causes of knee pain is soft-tissue-related joint dysfunction, medical massage therapy can be extremely helpful.

Please keep in mind …

  • The above information is not exhaustive.
  • Don’t attempt to use this information to diagnose your problem.
  • Always seek medical attention when dealing with a serious or chronic pain problem.

We do not diagnose illness, only a licensed physician can do that. We do give you information about how medical and orthopedic massage may be able to improve your health and eliminate musculoskeletal pain. Also, please tell your doctor about our website, so he or she can learn about our services.

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