Job Opportunity at Healing Unleashed!

Job Description

Qualifications: Minimum 1 year college, one year experience in an office setting, phones, computer skills.

Hours: Monday 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, Tuesday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Benefits: Two weeks vacation after first 6 months of full time employment. 6 paid holidays per year.

Healing Unleashed is a small holistic medical practice located in south Lakewood. We specialize in functional medicine, state of the art neural therapy, and manual therapy. Our staff members work closely together to support our clients to make healthy life style improvements. We care about our patients like family, and we provide healthcare for adults and children. We treat each other with respect, understanding and compassion.

This job requires high-level skills in communication, prioritization, time and task management, problem solving and organization. Your job is to keep our clinic running smoothly.

This is a wonderful opportunity for a skilled professional to play a key role in creating successful experiences for our patients. You will work closely with and under the supervision of our medical team. Healing Unleashed maintains a calm, orderly, supportive environment for our staff and patients. We are not a high volume clinic; we are a high care clinic. You will be required to work steadily and to contribute to our success with your good skills in scheduling, on-boarding new patients, patient follow up, electronic medical records, billing, assisting patients with making lab appointments, handle inquires and complaints, keeping patient data up to date and accurate. Please see job description below.

We are looking for someone who is dedicated to his/her own health and wellness. This is not just another job, it is a “way of life” adventure that will certainly help you grow as a person. We hope to hire a new employee who loves this job, is dedicated to our healing center, and who thrives and grows in our environment while helping us provide a holistic experience for our clients.

Please review our website before submitting your resume.

Job Description:

Medical Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

General Purpose:Manage patient relations and day to day operations to ensure patients have a streamlined experience with our office.

Administrative Tasks and Responsibilities:

-Patient engagement


-Answer phones, handle requests, follow-up phone calls

-Billing: explain coding to patients, make sure bills are correct, collect payments, notify patient of balance due

-Ensuring timely completion of labs by patients

-Communication regarding inquiries and/or complaints, proficiently explain our services

-Maintain Athena portal communication (Electronic Health Records)

-Ensuring appointments are kept, and if not, rescheduled

-Maintain office email

– Schedule phone consultations for all doctors

-Manage patient insurance information

-Collect all required insurance information

-Pre-screening for new patients

-Maintain accuracy of patient payments/insurance payments

-Manage office inventory and order supplies for all services

-Office prep for future appointments

-Pulling charts

-Ensuring all patient information is up to date and accurate

-Ensuring patient has done everything necessary for upcoming appointment including completing labs

-Medical Symptom Questionnaire filled out online

-Ensuring no payment is due (if payment is due, patient must be notified)

-Maintaining overall cleanliness/order of office space

-Maintain file systems paper and electronic

-Maintain proper data for future use (phone inquiry data, etc.)

-Assist with inside seminars, lectures, open house

-Design, write, prepare, send invitations by Facebook, website, phone

-Register attendees and Meet/greet attendees at events

-Help with set-up and take-down of event

-Register attendees


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $15.00 to $16.00 /hour

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