TMJ can be cured using neuromuscular massage in Lakewood and Denver, CO

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How We Treat Your TMJ Problem

First We Assess Your Problem Looking for the Following:

  •  Pain Opening or Closing Mouth
  •  Deviations in Jaw Mechanics
  •  Hypertonic Muscles of the Temporal-Mandibular Region
  •  Deviations in Position of Occipital, Temporal, Maxillary or Mandibular Bones
  •  Jaw Clenching Habit or Other Behavioral Stress Mechanics


Then We Treat Your TMJ Pain Problem Using The Following Protocol

Patient Education 

  • We will help you understand how your jaw operates
  • We will show you why you experience pain
  • We will explain how Orthopedic Massage works
  • We will teach you corrective exercises to achieve the following:
  • Strengthen your muscles of mastication (chewing)
  • Balance your jaw mechanics


Stretch and Balance the Muscles that Operate Your Jaw

  •  Manual Therapy for the Following Muscles
  •  Temporalis
  •  Pterygoids
  •  Digastric
  •  Mastoids

Relieve General Stress of Face, Head, Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back

The goal is to reduce your stress levels and to normalize the tension levels in your upper body muscles so that you can learn how to relax your jaw, face, head, neck and shoulders.


Improve Position of the Cranial Bones

Cranial Sacral Therapy Techniques are applied to achieve good positioning of your cranial (head) bones.  This will improve jaw mechanics long term.


A Special Message from Dr. Joan Sloss 

At the age of four I crashed my tricycle racing downhill.  I flew off the bike and landed on my jaw.  I had an open wound that healed.  Kids fall all the time so my parents did not check my jaw mechanics.  I also hit my head several other times in sports like gymnastics.  As an adult I have had trouble with my jaw.  My jaw deviates laterally and my smile is crooked.  My jaw protrudes forward and I do exercises daily to help retract my jaw and improve my bite.  When I do daily exercises, practice awareness and massage my jaw muscles, I am able to improve my bite and chew evenly on both sides.  Without the therapy, my bite is way off.  I have helped many people achieve a better working jaw and painless use of the jaw for biting, chewing and talking.  I am here to help you.  Please phone me for a free chat before you schedule an appointment.


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