Functional Medicine for Your Children – Why is it different?

As a conscientious physician, I have always wanted to get to the root cause of why my patients were experiencing dis-ease.  The methods of investigation and treatment used by the Functional Medicine model are an excellent way to find the source of the problem.

 This new approach involves:

  • A thorough health history that includes:Careful physical examination
    • The health of the mother during pregnancy
    • Family history – genetic tendencies
    • Environmental history – has the mother been exposed to toxins; is the child chronically exposed to environmental toxins
    • Life style of the family unit
    • External events that preceded the child’s health deteriorating
    • Nutritional needs
  • Specialized laboratory testing to access cellular health, functioning of the gut, and other tests appropriate for an adequate evaluation
  • Natural therapies that include homeopathy, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals
  • Optimal nutrition for your child

 Functional medicine is the medicine of the future.  It’s important that you give your child the very best healthcare available.  For more information about our healing approach, Dr. Bedinghaus is available for a complimentary phone call @ 303.986.0492.