Patients with fibromyalgia require individualized treatment. This condition varies in the severity of its symptoms, and no two cases are exactly alike.

If you have mild symptoms, a variety of treatment methods can help reduce your pain. These methods include deep-channel lymphatic drainage massage to eliminate chemical holding in the tissues. Holding toxic chemical wastes in the soft tissues is typical for fibromyalgia and is a major cause of muscle pain. A medical massage focusing on relaxation and therapeutic stretching can reduce your pain for several weeks. Also, manual therapy aimed at normalizing autonomic nervous system activity often produces great results.

If you experience a combination of fibromyalgia symptoms along with chronic muscular-skeletal pain from other causes, our treatment plan must focus on each area separately. Often, generalized fibromyalgia symptoms will quiet down once we improve other pain-producing physical conditions. Once we optimize your body’s physical balance and eliminate chronic stress on the joints and soft tissues, we can address the residual fibromyalgia symptoms with the therapies mentioned above.

We specialize in helping people with severe symptoms. We have achieved wonderful results, because we offer an ideal type of treatment for severe fibromyalgia. In this treatment, you lie on your side and receive gentle stimulation to the sympathetic nerves along the thoracic spine. The sympathetic nervous system becomes more active during times of stress and is best known for mediating the neuronal and hormonal “fight-or-flight” stress response. When this system is continually overactive, your body will experience sensations such as heat, cold, or pain. This treatment calms down the sympathetic nervous activity, and you’ll be amazed at how it helps to reduce pain!

We’ll also discuss and uncover ways you can improve your lifestyle with the goal of curing your fibromyalgia.

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