First Visit With Dr. B

Preparing for your first visit with Dr. Bedinghaus

If you’re new to homeopathy and planning to see Dr. B, we have lots of advice! Please read this page carefully (you may want to print it). If you still have questions after reading this information, please call our office at (303) 986-0492.

1. Please bring the following information and reports with you

Be prepared for your first visit by bringing:

  • The completed Health Inventory (click to download and print).
  • Any medical records, lab, or X-ray reports you have. (You can request your medical records from any doctor or hospital that has rendered medical service to you. A simple request with your signature is all you need. You can have the records sent to you or directly to Dr. B.)
  • A complete list of your current medications, dosage, and how long you have been taking them.
  • A complete list of supplements and vitamins you take.

2. Important information regarding your initial homeopathic consultation and the remedy

Keep in mind that the pace of homeopathy can be very different from what you might expect from mainstream medicine. Remember, we are aiming for lasting improvement of your overall state of health – not simply temporary control of symptoms.

Also, homeopathy is individualized. Every person will express dysfunction in a different way (as a symptom). This is why Dr B will seek to understand how you are experiencing and expressing different symptoms in your initial consultation.

Dr. B will partner with you to help you achieve the maximum possible healing through the use of homeopathic medicines. Dr. B prefers these medicines, because that they have proven to be effective at a deeper level with few side effects.

Important notes about your first visit:

  • Why your first visit is so important – This is your opportunity to talk about your mental, emotional, and physical problems that are keeping you from experiencing balance, wholeness, and wellness. The interview will take about 2 hours, so please make your appointment at a time that will be best for you or your child. During the consultation, much focus is placed on your symptoms and experience of how, what, where, etc. This focus will help the homeopath find the right remedy for you. Looking closely at your symptoms will help you become more aware of how your particular symptom fits in or connects with your life experience. Often you will find awareness by expressing your case to the homeopath. It’s important that you become empowered in your path toward wellness. Many people actually begin their healing process with this initial consultation.
  • If we’re treating your child – If you are having your child evaluated for homeopathic treatment, please bring a favorite toy and a snack. If you have other children, please provide for their care outside the office. Our office is not able to accommodate other children, and it can be quite distracting for the doctor, parents, and the child patient.
  • Studying your case – After the interview, Dr. B will spend time to understand all that you have told her. Generally the remedy isn’t given on the same day as your consultation. Sometimes Dr. B may call you for further information.
  • Providing the remedy to you – After Dr. B has decided on the best remedy for you, she’ll call you. The remedy will either mailed to you, or you can come to the office and take the remedy here. In some cases the remedy will have to be ordered from a homeopathic pharmacy. In some cases, especially if a liquid potency is prescribed, you’ll need to provide a credit card number, so the pharmacy can mail the remedy directly to you. The cost is quite reasonable, usually $30-$35, plus shipping. One bottle usually lasts about a month. We try to have your remedy to you in less than two weeks.
  • Aggravating factors – You may feel worse temporarily after the correct homeopathic prescription, particularly in chronic cases (long-term illness). This is usually a good indication that the medicine is in resonance or harmony with your system and that changes are beginning to take place in the service of better health. Old symptoms may also temporarily return in the course of your treatment. This is a natural and important step in your “undoing” of states of illness that you have experienced through your life and ultimately leads to progressively better levels of wellbeing.
  • Your follow-up appointment – Your first follow-up appointment will be scheduled within 4 to 6 weeks. During this time, please pay attention to how you feel mentally, emotionally, and physically. Take notes to help you remember whether your symptoms improved or worsened. Most of us are not very tuned into our body, and your observations may take some conscious effort. The more awareness you can bring into your life experience, the greater your understanding of your healing process. Remember: Awareness is empowering.
  • Record your dreams – Dreams can also play an important role in helping Dr. B understand you at a deeper level. Write down your dreams, especially the theme of the dream and your feelings during the dream. (No need to capture every detail.)
  • Make a commitment to homeopathy – This subtle approach to healing takes time. Your vital energy will respond according to an appropriate timing. One or two visits to Dr. B won’t bring you to the greatest level of health possible. Plus, we cannot guarantee that our work together will result in your cure. Some people can be helped only partially, because of the severity of their illness, the strong drugs they are taking, or insurmountable stresses in their lives. Remember, homeopathy is a way of life, a philosophy of wholeness, and can help many people with many different problems. But it will only work if you make a commitment to stay with it.

3. Please read the following information carefully

Dr. B’s responsibility and your responsibility

It is Dr. B’s responsibility to evaluate your progression and discuss it with you to help you enhance your overall health and wellbeing. It is your responsibility to communicate clearly the details about your symptoms and any concerns you have about your medical care. It is also your responsibility to develop a healthy lifestyle that includes adequate nutrition, rest, and exercise. We highly recommend you take advantage of our Wellness Workshops. We have created an empowering program to help you make vital and important lifestyle changes.


We require a non-refundable deposit at the time you make your first appointment. This deposit is applied to the total initial consultation fee. The remaining payment is due at the time of your appointment by cash, check, Mastercard, or Visa.

We do not participate in any insurance plans or HMOs. We do not accept assignment from Medicare or Medicaid. We will be happy to provide you with an insurance receipt, so you can file your own insurance.


What we discuss about you and your care is confidential information and may not be released to others without your written permission. Your verbal permission is adequate to enable us to discuss aspects of your case with a family member.

Second opinions

You are encouraged to seek second opinions from other physicians at any time. Dr. B encourages you to retain your regular physician. Healing Unleashed Health Services doesn’t perform annual physicals, school physicals, immunizations, etc. When you come to our center for help with a chronic condition for which mainstream physicians would use other therapies, please fully inform yourself about the options they offer. In this way, you can make the best health care decision for you and your family.

Contacting Dr. B during off-hours

If you need to call us between appointments, please try to do so during regular weekday business hours. We will nearly always call you back the same day. We return calls throughout the day as our schedule allows. Let us know the best times to reach you when you call. Depending on the nature of the call and the duration, there may be a telephone consultation fee. If you call after hours, we will return your call the following day.

I you are unable to reach us and if the situation is a true emergency, you should call your primary care physician or go to an urgent care center or emergency room. Dr. Bedinghaus is not a primary care physician, and it is important that you maintain a relationship with a primary care provider.

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