How Healing Unleashed Heals Chronic Pain

Are you in pain?
Medical massage can help … surprisingly fast!

An advanced branch of massage therapy, medical massage is more specialized and effective than routine massage in curing chronic and serious pain.

In standard massage therapy, the therapist uses routine massage strokes to relieve stress-related symptoms and simple muscle tension. However, if you’re experiencing chronic or serious pain, you need more than routine massage.

Healing Unleashed® practices medical massage, which is in the orthopedic branch of medicine and deals with preventing or correcting injuries or disorders of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints, and connective tissues.

We understand pain and physical limitation: How this diminishes the joy of living, keeps you from doing what you love to do, and affects your mood, energy levels, and sleep. When you experience chronic or serious pain, you don’t have the freedom to be you – to live vibrantly and fulfill your life’s purpose.

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Proven treatments to heal your chronic pain.

At Healing Unleashed Health Services, we apply advanced, specialized, and effective treatments to heal chronic and serious pain. Our proven medical massage therapies meet these two goals for you:

  1. We’ll look for the causes of your pain and provide scientifically based therapies to heal the problem and get you out of pain as quickly as possible. You’ll gain freedom from pain and freedom of movement.
  2. Firm believers in education, our medical massage services combine therapy and education in every session. Plus, we offer a wide array of coaching, workshops, and workplace programs to show you how to stay out of pain, get on a path to wellness, and maintain a healthy body.

We treat pain and dysfunction in your muscles and soft tissues.

Muscle pain can range from annoying to debilitating. And you’ll be happy to know that we can give you relief quickly.

Muscles act directly on joints. When the muscles that operate on a joint don’t function well, the joint may not operate perfectly. Tendonitis, bursitis, and other problems can develop. In fact, we heal most cases of tendonitis and bursitis with medical massage therapies.

When muscles are in spasm, inactive, or weak, the sensory and motor nerves that supply the muscle may also be in trouble. In this case, medical massage treats both the muscles and supplying nerves, helping to bring the muscles and nerves back to normal function.

If the soft tissues of your body become congested or compressed, the nerves passing through and around these tissues may be affected, and you may experience symptoms like tingling or numbness. Medical massage helps restore health to your soft tissues.

In addition to treating pain, we treat dysfunction. This is the abnormal or impaired functioning of a bodily tissue, organ, or system. Dysfunction is often caused by simple behavioral mistakes you can easily correct. For example:

  • We find that neck, shoulder, and back pain often are directly caused by poor posture.
  • Your tension headaches may be caused by a tensely held jaw that you can release using self-awareness.
  • Lack of proper exercise is often the culprit causing muscle tension problems and poor circulation.
  • Muscles can lose their special elastic abilities when not properly stretched.
  • And lack of water, certain minerals, or electrolytes can contribute to muscle cramping.

We’ll help you discover the little mistakes you’re making and help you learn how to take better care of your body. And remember, before you say yes to prescription or over-the-counter drugs, try our natural and effective medical massage therapies.

Scientific evaluation: The foundation to heal your pain.

Evaluation differentiates medical massage from other types of massage therapy, which offer little or no trained medical evaluation. We use orthopedic evaluation – looking at your skeletal system and associated muscles, joints, and connective tissues – to determine whether you have trigger points, spasms, tissue congestion, or a specific muscle or soft-tissue problem.

Our job is to determine exactly which muscles and joints are involved in your pain problem and to know the specific type of therapy most likely to help you. We follow four steps to examine your body to discover the causes of pain:

  1. We interview you in detail to discover how you use your body and the lifestyle activities that may contribute to your pain problem.
  2. We listen carefully to the details of your pain symptoms. Is the pain grabbing, stabbing, shooting, radiating, burning, aching? Is the pain intermittent or steady? What makes it worse or better? By paying close attention to the symptoms of pain, we gain important clues to what’s happening in your body to cause the pain.
  3. We observe your body, looking for posture problems and any problems with range of motion. We look for asymmetries that may be caused by soft-tissue dysfunction. For example, is one shoulder higher than the other? Is your torso leaning to one side? We look for muscle weakness and for abnormal patterns of movement. Observation gives us important information about what causes your pain.
  4. We examine your body with our hands. This is called examination by palpation. When we touch you we are looking for honest, straightforward feedback, like: “ouch, that really hurts.” We also look for feedback from your body. For example, when we press on an area, do we notice an increase in your pulse? Do we feel a hard nodule? Do we feel the presence of excess fluid? Do we feel adhesions in the connective tissues?

Evaluation is the most critical service we offer, because it helps us determine the causes of pain and develop a treatment plan. We can implement this plan immediately during your first visit.

We develop an individualized treatment plan for you.

After an evaluation, we’ll recommend a specific treatment plan and explain how this will heal you. You’ll learn whether to expect complete healing in one treatment or several treatments and whether you may need to see a doctor of orthopedic medicine.

Medical massage combines manual therapy such as stretching your leg muscles or balancing your shoulder girdle with effective types of massage treatment. We’ll systematically apply appropriate remedies to improve your painful condition.

You’ve probably heard of different types of massage treatment such as neuromuscular massage and myofascial release. But there is no magic in the massage technique itself! A cure is won when we apply the appropriate treatment to a scientifically evaluated problem. In a 1-hour session, you may receive a combination of therapies such as therapeutic stretching, neuromuscular massage, and trigger-point therapy.

Education helps you conquer pain and achieve wellness.

Because we’re committed to helping you achieve wellness, our medical massage services combine therapy and education in every session. Plus, we offer ongoing coaching, workshops, and workplace programs to show you how to stay out of pain, get on a path to wellness, and maintain a healthy body. (Click here to more about our Wellness Workshops.)

Medical massage offers surprisingly fast results!

You’ll be happy to learn that many painful conditions resolve and heal very quickly. For example, muscle spasm can be painful, but by applying the right therapy, we often easily and quickly heal this problem. Even pain that is chronic and scary can be quickly healed by the targeted manual therapy we offer.

With our advanced medical massage, you’ll quickly gain freedom from pain and freedom of movement. Instead of suffering in pain, you’ll have the freedom and energy to focus on the positive things in your life.

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