Why Do We Get Sick?

Something happens to distune the vital energy of the person.  It could be a belief system:  “My father had a heart attack at age 40 so I am afraid I will, too.”Stress, either mental, emotional or physical can distune our energy system.  Infections, injuries can also cause an imbalance in our system.

I deeply believe the cause of almost all our illnesses is Thought.

In my previous blog I introduced the idea of holism and individuality because it is vital to understanding homeopathy.   It is not necessary that you understand homeopathy as a scientific system of healing, but it is important that you understand that when you take a homeopathic remedy, it is affecting your whole being for the purpose of stimulating your body’s innate capacity to heal itself. Conventional medicine cannot do this. Prescription drugs suppress symptoms and cannot stimulate the healing response. Most of the prescription drugs are anti-something…against something.  Listen to the words you hear from conventional medicine:  war on cancer, attack the infection, kill the cancer cells, battle the disease…etc.  I’m not sure why anyone would want to go to war against his or her own precious body.

My teacher, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, compares modern medicine and homeopathy like this:  With modern medicine, it says if your pain, your disease symptom is gone, then you are happy.  Homeopathy says, “if you are happy, then the pain or disease symptom is gone.”  Happiness is a state of mind and a choice.  When there is harmony at the mental/emotional level, there is peace and harmony in the body.

I cannot imagine why anyone would not be open to receive the blessings and healing from this wonderful, safe, effective scientific method of healing.  Most people, especially, the medical profession, do not understand that the body has the capacity to heal itself, if only we get out of its way and allow it to happen, support it to happen by removing life style obstacles to cure.

Homeopathy should be part of every person’s healing program.  If more people turned to Homeopathy First, the health of our people would greatly be improved.  Our health care system is in shambles.  It is up to you to take charge of your health by responsibly choosing holistic methods to help you heal.

Wanda Bedinghaus, MD

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