Medical Massage

Looking For Someone Who Can Finally Heal Your Pain?

“My happiness is to help you recover from years of pain.  I have helped to cure muscle and joint pain in thousands of people over my long career.” – Dr. Joan Sloss Interested in testimonies?  Click here.  


Craniosacral Therapy
  • TMJ or facial pain?
  • Migraine headaches?
  • Mental problems from head injuries?
  • Scoliosis or other body alignment problems?

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Orthopedic massage
  • Suffering from current or old injuries?   
  • Hip, buttock or low back pain?
  • Neck, shoulder or rotator cuff problems?
  • Foot, hand or extremity pain?

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Medical massage
  • Fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue?        
  • Chronic headache, sinusitis or jaw pain?
  • Frequent colds or other infections?   
  • Stress related illnesses like poor digestion and poor sleep?

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Do You Want Bodywork that is more Effective than the Spa offers?  About Dr. Joan Sloss–
  • One of the highest trained and most successful therapists in the nation.
  • Received special recognition from the Governor of Pennsylvania for rehabilitating older adults.
  • Has acquired a significant medical background working for 12 years in a physician’s office treating diagnosed injuries and illnesses.

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Age cannot limit you.
  • Dr. Joan can restore your body’s connective and muscle tissues.
  • Stiffness, soreness, and pain on movement will disappear.
Injuries cannot hold you back.
  • We have helped hundreds of injured persons recover.
  • You can live without pain and with full range of motion.
You can get off dangerous drugs.
  • We will rebalance your body and your body will work better.
  • You will no longer need NSAIDS, steroids & muscle relaxants.
  • You will be free from the side effects of drugs.


You can pursue activities that you love.
  • We will help you get back to hobbies, recreation and sports that you miss and need…back to hiking, biking, tennis, gardening, home remodeling.
You can work and serve others without suffering.
  • When you hurt it’s hard to give your best.  You can be pain free and enjoy life again in less therapy time than you expect.

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