The Wonder of Homeopathy

For many years I have wanted to practice a more holistic medicine.  I knew something was missing in my conventional pediatric medical practice.  I was writing prescriptions but not taking the whole person into consideration.  I grew more and more dissatisfied with medicine…enough so that I sold my practice and went to seminary.  After 4 years of ministry I felt this tremendous call to return to medicine, but this time, it had to be in a more holistic way.

I met a homeopathic physician, and what he told me about homeopathy astonished me.  I knew I needed to learn more about this amazing scientific system of healing.  I searched for a training program that would prepare me for the practice of homeopathy.  I flew to Minneapolis monthly for 3 years to attend the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy… and began my homeopathy practice here in Lakewood in 2000.

Why is homeopathy so powerful as a healing therapy?

It is holistic. In traditional/conventional medicine, each organ system is treated as a part.  What we forget to consider is that every time you take a prescription drug or put any substance into your body, there is an effect on the whole body system.  That’s why drugs have side effects…those side effects are the effects on the whole system.  Every thing is connected to every thing…the cells communicate with each other in an amazing synchronistic and synergistic manner.

Homeopathy is holistic medicine because we are treating diseases as something that affects the whole being…mentally, emotionally and physically.

Homeopathy is individualistic.

Each person has his own individual, different, peculiar disease even though they may all have the same diagnosis.

Because, when you study one state of being from the state of being of another, it is different…they may have the same pathological entity like diabetes or hypertension, but the expressions of it will be completely different from one individual to the other.  And each one’s individual disease shows its individuality by individualized, peculiar and characteristic symptoms.  When you listen to and examine the expressions of each one, it is individual.

Every living being is a unique expression of life.  I may see 10 people with the same diagnosis, but each one experiences their disease in their own unique way.  This is why the homeopathic consultation is the key to finding the best remedy.  We cannot take anything for granted.  As a homeopath, I must let go of everything I know about a particular disease, and open myself up to listening deeply to what the person says and how she says it…how much energy does she express by hand gestures.  What is her experience of this symptom?  How does it impact her life?

There can be no judgment on either the part of the homeopath or the patient.  There must be a willingness to go into the seeming mystery of what the core issues are that have caused this particular distunement of the vital energy to lead to this state in this one person.  In homeopathy we use the word “distunement” to mean anything that causes an imbalance in the vital energy away from harmony.

That’s why when people call and ask me if I can help them with a particular disease or how many people with this disease have I treated, the answer is simple…the name of the disease doesn’t matter…what is important is YOU who has this condition.  We are treating YOU and not the disease.  We have to find the homeopathic remedy that best suits YOU and not the disease.  Homeopathy has the potential to help anyone with any disease.  There may be some life style obstacles that must be overcome, but homeopathy heals at a deep, core level.  Homeopathy heals the whole being…mentally, emotionally and physically.

Wanda Bedinghaus, MD

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