The Science Behind Medical Massage

The health of the body relies strongly on the movement of the body fluids through all the tissues and systems.  Research has proven that massage does assist the movement of the body fluids.

We are learning more about the creation and transfer of energy in the human body.  Energy moves in both directions, from macro levels to micro levels and back again.  Scientific manipulation of the skin, muscles, connective tissue, organs and nerves does influence the movement of energy through the body.

What medical massage can do

  • People with deformities  live more comfortably in their bodies
  • Surgeries are averted
  • Medications are eliminated
  • Chronic pain diminishes or disappears
  • Degenerative diseases slow down or reverse
  • Anxiety, stress, depression subside
  • Joyful creative living re-emerges
  • When we move around in our same old bodies we get the same old cues …bodywork helps you experience new states of being…oh my goodness I haven’t breathed this easily in years…my body hasn’t felt this good in a long time  …this is facilitation…giving new information to the mind and body
  • Medical massage educates you about yourself and the states of your body

About Dr. Joan Sloss, medical massage therapist

  • The purpose of my work is to break-up mental, emotional, sensory and motor patterns that are self-limiting…which disrupt healthy function, cause pain and inhibit movement.
  • I give therapy that is highly individualistic, safe, respectful to both person and body, and effective.
  • I use therapies that stimulate the body to heal itself, that help the mind-body recognize problems and then re-organize itself to produce healthy function.  I work with the body and never against it.  I support health I do not battle with disease or pain.
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