Real People Healed With Homeopathy

Millions of people around the world for the past 200 plus years have been healed with this wonderful scientific system of healing known as Homeopathy.  Take a look at just a few.

Patient with chronic sinusitis: This man had suffered from chronic sinus infections for years, and had to take antibiotics almost constantly.  After the initial consultation, I studied and found a remedy that best matched his whole being.  He took the remedy several times over months and gradually the episodes of sinus infections began to subside.  After about 9 months, he no longer had recurrences.  He has gone about 2 years now without needing an antibiotic.

Patient with chronic eczema: This 52 year old man had had chronic eczema since he was an infant.  When I first saw him his skin, from scalp to feet, was thick, red and scaly.  I call him my “red man.”  He suffered from constant itching and flare-ups that came in times of high stress in his job.  The words he used to describe his symptoms helped me find the best remedy for his condition.  He used words like “fight”, “force”, I have to battle the eczema…etc”  This lead me to understand that he needed a remedy from the mineral kingdom, specifically from the 4th row of the periodic table.  I chose ferrum (homeopathic iron).  Over a period of a year, his eczema gradually cleared.  It was amazing to see.  After 50 years of suffering with this chronic skin disease, he now had normal skin.

Let me say this:  the longer a condition has been going on, the longer the healing process.  That’s why commitment to homeopathic treatment is so very important.

This man’s eczema had been suppressed for decades with the use of oral and topical steroids, but now with homeopathic treatment he was healed.

Patient with chronic plantar warts: This woman had had warts on her feet for over 10 years.  She had tried everything conventional medicine offered:  chemicals, freezing, even surgically removing them, but they always came back. She was so embarrassed by the appearance of her feet that she never wore sandals.  Only her family knew of her condition.  What helped me find the best remedy for her was this problem of embarrassment.  It was very important that people did not see these warts so she covered them up.  She also suffered from performance anxiety…she could not make a presentation in front of group of people.  She would literally shake and no words would come out.  Now you might say, what does this have to do with her warts?  Everything.  The remedy I chose for her was from the mineral kingdom, from the 3rd row which is all about appearance.  How others see me.  I chose silica for her treatment.  Silica has a fixed image of themselves.  They want others to see them exactly as they want to be seen.  People who need silica are also very perfectionistic and brittle.  They fall apart if criticized.  And of course, silica also has lots of skin overgrowths, specifically warts.

I started with a low potency and nothing happened.  Increased the potency and nothing happened.  I restudied the case and even had her come in for another consultation with me and one of my homeopathic colleagues.   We were both convinced that silica was the remedy.  Finally, we raised the potency again.  She came back for followup in about 6 weeks.  I held my breath when she walked in.  She excitedly exclaimed “they are gone.”  No, I resounded.  Let me see.  She took off her shoes and there was absolutely normal, pink beautiful skin on the soles of both feet.  Remember, she had had both soles of her feet covered in thick, painful warts…not one inch of normal skin for 10 years!!!

I recently heard from her mother who is also a patient of Healing Unleashed, that the warts have never returned.  That’s been over 2 years.

Now, in homeopathy, we don’t considered a patient healed of their condition until they have been symptom free for 3-5 years.  I am certain she will call me at the first sign of a recurrence of the wart.  But, I will do another consultation to be sure silica still fits her whole state.

Patient with chronic shoulder pain, anxiety and depression: The patient, a 72 year old woman, had terrible pain in her left shoulder for years.  She also suffered from anxiety and occasional depression.  She is the caretaker of her husband with a chronic heart condition.  I asked her to describe her shoulder pain:  she said something is stuck, trapped in there…like a band around the tissue.  As the consultation unfolded, she talked about the situation of having to take care of her husband…she said I am stuck, trapped in this situation.  This theme of stuck and trapped ran through all her symptoms both physically, mentally and emotionally.  This led me to understand she needed a remedy from the plant kingdom, specifically from the Anacardacea family.  The sensation that runs through this family is stuck, caught, trapped, cannot move, but needs to move.  I gave her the remedy Rhus radicans.  On her first followup the pain was much improved, her anxiety was gone and she was much happier and feeling more freedom.  She also has been seeing Dr. Joan for some corrective work at the connective tissue level.  Homeopathy and medical massage work beautifully together.  We practice integrative medicine.

Homeopathy works on the whole vital energy and every symptom a person experiences will in time be healed.  We are treating the person, not the condition.

Another patient with chronic eczema: This woman came to see me about 4 years ago.  She is a nurse and had been suffering from eczema for several years.  During the consultation, she showed me her legs.  The worse case I think I have ever seen.  Her entire legs from hip to feet were red, raw and oozing.  Also the eczema was on her arms and trunk.  Based on what I understood of her unique experiences in life and with this chronic eczema, I gave her a remedy, also from the Anacardacaea family, called Rhus Toxicodendrum (poison Ivy).  I started with a low potency so as not to aggravate her eczema.  Over a 3 months period, the eczema began to dramatically improve.  She would relapse occasionally,  and the remedy was repeated as needed.  After a year, her eczema was completely gone.  She was thrilled.  I was amazed.  After four years, she is still symptom free and a believer in homeopathic medicine.

An infant with constipation: I first saw this baby when he was about 6 months old.  He literally would not have a bowel movement without help.  Mom was very concerned.  I took her case also because an infant is frequently in the same state as the mother… and from my observations of the baby and the nature of his severe constipation, I gave him silica.  Mom called me the next day and said he had a bowel movement when she got him to the car immediately after taking the remedy in my office.  He continued to have ease of passing stool and has not had any problem with constipation since.

A child with autism: A 3 1/2 year old boy with autism symptoms for 2 years came with his parents for homeopathic consultation about a year ago.  He was running around the room, clicking his tongue, swirling around with his arms flapping (called stemming), and making no significant eye contact with me.  But, he was very loving with his mother, caressing her face, smiling at her.

The biggest concern for the parents was his lack of speech.

Based on what the parents told me and my observations of this little boy, I gave him a plant remedy called Pulsatilla.  On followup the stemming had decreased, and he began to spontaneously use appropriate language.  He is about 40% better.  Now we have a long way to go, but homeopathy has had dramatic results in the healing of this pervasive condition.

There is a book I highly recommend called “Impossible Cure” written by Amy Lansky.  Her autistic son was healed with homeopathy and because of this, she became a homeopath and is an ardent spokesperson for this wonderful, healing medicine.

You could have one of these amazing healings if and when you choose to use homeopathy.

Wanda Bedinghaus, MD

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