Peripheral Neuropathy Healing Options in Denver

The medical diagnosis, “peripheral neuropathy” is so alarming that people assume there is no help except whatever relief prescription drugs might provide. Many people suffer from a type of peripheral neuropathy that can be easily cured. The cure consists of a combination of the right kind of manual therapy combined with the right kind of exercise.

We can help you! Call Dr. Joan for a 10-minute free phone consultation at 303-986-0492. Dr. Joan has had extensive training and experience in assessing and treating peripheral neuropathy in the Denver Metro area.

Typical symptoms of peripheral nerve disease include:

  • tingling
  • numbness
  • loss of sensation.

Other signs can include:

  • loss of strength
  • balance problems
  • pain
  • vascular changes
  • Severe dysfunction can include decrease in motor function.

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Watch a short video about Peripheral Neuropathy here

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Joan Sloss, Ed.D. LMT
Healing Unleashed
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5 Comments on Peripheral Neuropathy Healing Options in Denver

  1. John says:

    Your article is encouraging and spot on for me. Do you know who may offer the therapy you advocate in Australia, or Canberra, to be exact.
    Thank you

    • Healing Unleashed says:

      John, I am so sorry but we don’t anyone outside the USA. Good luck in your search.

  2. Brian vicari says:

    Hi. I broke my lef back in 11/11 and had surgery with a tight rope, plates and screws just above my ankle a week later. I went through my physical therapy, and all was fine until march. What started out as pins and needles has turned into immense pain in my foot and lower leg. I have been diagnosed with neuropathy, and further complex regional pain syndrome. My doctors do not think i have rsd, probably because i show good signs of health in terms of little atrophy, no loss of leg hair, no funky skin colors or changes in toenails. My gait is also pretty good. Important to note that when i broke my tibia i was able to walk on it without any pain out of the woods and had no pain for days. What do you guys offer for treatments? Please let me know, as i am hurting. Oh, i also had a procedure done by a neurologist in ny city on the 23rd of july where he moved my peroneal nerve away from bone and tissue to free it. Still in pain, if not more. I will also take any suggestions. Thank you

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  4. Reggie says:

    I am interested in knowing more about your treatment for diabetic neuropathy. Please let me know the approximate cost and duration of treatment for a cure.


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