Our Amazing Body

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated, curious, in wonderment about what goes on inside this amazing human body.  We live in a society that believes we are victims of a harsh universe that visits illness, accidents, infections, diseases on us randomly…that we are like sails in the wind…with no control over what happens in our physiology.

Even with the most technically advanced medical system in the world, we are probably some of the most unhealthy folks any where on the planet. With the rising cost of health care in this country AND  the escalating incidence of chronic diseases, we are facing a critical time to understand what the causes of our pitiful state are,  and then make honest and committed decisions about what we can and must do about it.

Most of the diseases that people suffer from are preventable.  Why is this?  Because we have an amazing body in which every cell is designed according to a pattern of innate wholeness.  Our cells know what to do to nurture our body, protect us from outside harmful influences, and repair themselves every day.  But, we come along with our crazy lifestyle and put up a huge barrier to this already, well-planned, exquisitely maintained and managed “wise and whole” body and totally overwhelm its systems.

I think we would all be “rolled over” if we could have a little inside look at the ongoing activity of our inner environment.  In spite of the junk we give it for fuel, or the lack of healthy, life-affirming exercise we engage in, or the negative, limiting thoughts we hold in our mind, or not finding meaning in our work, or how we have allowed our creativity to sit and gather endless mounds of dust… our amazing body can do an outstanding job of keeping us out of trouble…UNTIL we eat that last potato chip or the fastest hamburger in the fast food entrée, or continue harboring resentment and unforgiveness, or work in meaningless jobs that we hate just to get a paycheck, or sit in our loneliness brooding about conflicted relationships, barren of real love, watching empty, meaningless dramas on TV.  I could go on about all the causes of our lack of fulfilling our wellness potential, but I think you probably “get the picture.”

Now that I have your attention, let me say it once again:  You were created to express your innate wholeness. Out of this pattern of wholeness, comes your unlimited potential to experience wellness, a happy fulfilling life in which you can create anything you can imagine.  Without creativity in our lives, we are stuck in hopeless, meaningless lives, and we eventually end up with disease in our bodies.  When we are filled with unlimited wellness energy, we can bring our creativity back into our lives and learn to playfully engage all aspects of life.  Can you imagine a world of healthy, creative people?  I hope you can because this is the beginning of changing our lives and the lives of all people everywhere.

Wanda Bedinghaus, MD

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