Obstacles To Cure

As a homeopathic physician, in spite of due diligence in finding the most helpful homeopathic remedy, sometimes the patients I see don’t have the healing response that I expected.  I ask myself why?  According to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, in the Organon of Medicine, “…if the physician, in each case, knows the obstacles to cure and how to remove them, so that recovery is permanent, then he knows how to treat thoroughly and efficaciously, and a is a true physician.”

In our modern world, the list of “obstacles to cure” are growing fast.  Let’s take a look at a few of these:
•    Unrelenting stress
•    Toxicity
•    Beliefs and attitudes
•    Poor nutrition
•    Unforgiveness
•    Sedentary life style
•    Addictions to substances such a nicotine, alcohol, drugs
•    Overuse of pharmaceutical drugs

Stress is always going to be with us, but it is how we handle it that affects our health.  One of the greatest resources in dealing with stress is to simply turn down the volume by learning to:
•    relax
•    take time to renew yourself
•    participate in yoga
•    practice deep breathing
•    meditate

We live in a very toxic world, constantly being bombarded by heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, plastics of every shape and form.  A study by the Environmental Working Group found a large amount of toxins in the cord blood of newborns.
What can we do to protect ourselves and our precious children?
•    Eat as much organic food as possible.
•    Avoid foods with additives…if you can’t pronounce it, it isn’t going to support your health.
•    Read labels of the products you apply to your skin… how could formaldehyde be good for you.
•    Drink lots and lots of pure, filtered water.
•    If you work around chemicals, wear protective clothing, bath vigorously to remove any residue on your skin.
•    Visit the website of the EWG at http://www.ewg.org

It is now well-proven that our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs have a huge impact on our physiology and overall sense of well-being.  If you have bought into the belief that it is natural to get sick or develop chronic diseases, you will experience what you hold in mind.  Dr. Bruce Lipton has written a fantastic book called, The Biology of Belief.  Only you can change your thoughts.  Negative thoughts are a great risk factor that you can do something about.
•    See the good instead of the appearance of “bad.”
•    Express gratitude often.
•    Give and receive loving kindness.
•    Repeat positive affirmations if you slip back into negative thinking.
•    Read inspiring books.

When I walk into a major grocery store, as far as I can see are boxes and cans of food…all processed with chemical additives.  Head for the fresh fruits and vegetables instead of the lined shelves of dead food.  Eating more nutritious food doesn’t have to “break your pocketbook.”  There are unlimited resources on the internet of recipes for real, fresh, easy to prepare foods.  I read an article last year that some kids in our schools had never eaten a fresh orange!!

If you click here, https://healingunleashed.com/the-healing-power-of-forgiveness.html, you can read an article I wrote a couple years ago on the healing power of forgiveness.  Unforgiveness keeps you in a blocked state and is a huge obstacle to helping you heal.

I just bought a new bike, only the 3rd one I have ever owned, last month.  I love riding my bike.  I just got a new puppy, and taking her for walks is fun and invigorating.  Turn off the TV, store the video games out of sight, leave your cell phone home, and get outside and start walking. Walking is inexpensive, safe and very effective in keeping you loose and flexible.

Addictions to harmful substances are destroying our human family.  If you can’t quit smoking, drinking or using drugs, get help now.  You are putting toxins into your precious body, and they will have a destructive effect.

Do I need to say anymore about the overuse of prescription drugs in our country?  We have created the diseases that we suffer from, many of which come from the side effects of the drugs we take everyday.  Everything you take into your body has an effect on your own energy system.  At Healing Unleashed, our vision is to provide, safe, effective holistic medicine for the healing of our human family.

Wanda J. Bedinghaus, MD

Call us today at 303-986-0492 and find out how we can help you “remove the obstacles to cure.”

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