Functional Medicine is the New Medicine

I am a physician dedicated to assisting my patients in gaining the highest level of health possible.  I love my work; I love the people I serve.  I have been in the profession of medicine for over 4 decades.  I’ve tried to grow and learn new approaches to helping people heal.

Fourteen years ago I finally made the decision to practice holistic medicine.  I discovered homeopathy, a most amazing scientific method of healing, and have been practicing homeopathy ever since.  I have not been able to help everyone who comes to see me.  A few months ago I wrote a blog about the obstacles to healing.  Like any dedicated physician, I want to find those obstacles and help my patients remove them.

Always desiring to help more people, I keep researching for ways to get at the root cause of their suffering.  A few years ago I first learned about functional medicine which looks at the underlying causes of disease.  It is quite compatible with my homeopathy healing work.  Because it is so well-suited to what we do at Healing Unleashed, we will be adding this as a new module to our work with healing our patients at a core level.

Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems (biological)-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership by shifting the traditional disease-centered approach to a more patient-centered approach.  (From .  Like homeopathy, functional medicine is very holistic and individualistic.  Understanding the biochemical individuality is paramount in helping people heal.

Functional medicine involves very careful and extensive case taking.  No longer can a physician take a 10-15 minutes history, write a prescription and walk out the door.  After gaining as clear an understanding as is possible about what the causative factors are in the developing of the person’s health problems, another aspect of functional medicine that is so important is laboratory assessment of metabolic processes, gut health, immune system function and other tests that will aid the physician in helping restore the patient to health and vitality.

Our current healthcare system is in terrible condition.  More and more chronic diseases are causing premature deaths, intense and prolonged suffering, and unheard of escalating financial costs.  We have to do something now.  You are created to be healthy, happy, vigorous and full of life.  You don’t have to suffer from chronic pain and a list of diseases that keep growing every year.  Seek a healthcare partner who focuses on you and not just the “name” of your condition.

We do that here at Healing Unleashed.  We are so dedicated to helping you heal that we spend a tremendous amount of time reading, going to seminars, learning about new research,  and safe, effective therapies to stimulate your body’s innate capacity to heal itself.

Call me today at 303-986-0492 for a free 10 minute phone consultation.

Wanda J. Bedinghaus, MD
Medical Director of Healing Unleashed

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