Famous People Healed With Homeopathy

(From the book, “The Homeopathic Revolution”: Why famous people and cultural heroes choose homeopathy” by Dana Ullman.)

In the beginning of this book, there is a quote I will share with you:

“I believe what prevents men from accepting the homeopathic principles is ignorance, but ignorance is criminal when human lives are at stack.  No honest man faced with the facts of homeopathy can refuse to accept it.  He has no choice.  When I had to face it, I had to become a follower.  There was no choice if I were to continue to be an honest man…Truth always demands adherence and offers no alternative.”  From Sir John Weir, physician to six monarchs, including 4 generations of British monarchs.

There are many people around the globe who have embraced homeopathy as their healing modality.  Please read Dana Ullman’s wonderful book.

CHER: was struck with a debilitating viral illness that caused chronic fatigue and pneumonia.   She was disabled from work for 2 years.  She tried conventional medicine, but without any help.  Doctors told her it was all in her head.  She turned to a homeopathic physician and within four months, she was up and back on the road again.

TINA TURNER: powerful musician and strong advocate of homeopathic medicine was healed of tuberculosis with homeopathy. In her autobiography she writes, “Life in the fast lane wore me down.  Changes in diet and the use of homeopathy saved me.  Thanks to my homeopathic physician for bringing me back to health and always being available for me.”

QUEEN ELIZABETH II: the current queen of England is an active supporter of homeopathy.  She is a patron of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital.  Her personal physician, Dr. Peter Fisher, is the medical director of this hospital and editor of the journal “Homeopathy”.

The Queen Mother, who lived to be 102, was the principal royal patron of the British Homeopathic Association.

PRINCE CHARLES: has been the most outspoken modern day royal family member to advocate for homeopathy.  In 1982 he became the president of the British Medical Association.  He made it his mission to get the medical community to understand the problems and limitation of conventional medicine…and to appreciate the contribution of holistic therapies, esp. homeopathy.  Prince Charles and (Diana) only use homeopathic medicine.

Dana’s book is filled with hundreds of famous people from the arts, to music, to sports, to politics and even to spiritual leaders around the world who have successful used homeopathy for their health needs.

I hope you can begin to see that homeopathy really does work.  It is not a placebo effect.  It works wonderfully with animals and children who don’t know the word “placebo.”

Wanda Bedinghaus, MD

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