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Lymphatic Massage Resolves Parotid Swelling

Snow boarding head injury helped with neurofeedback

After a heavy snowboarding accident, I suffered from balance, memory, and sleep issues.  Under the compassionate care of Dr. B, Tom restored me back to full function that included regaining sense of smell.  I am grateful and tremendously appreciative for the care and treatment at Healing Unleashed.  The investment in both time and money was well worth it to be healthy again.

-K. T.

Sacroilliac Pain gone

I initially came to see Joan after the last of three rear end auto crashes left my back in spasm and my neck stuck in pain and unable to move. She was able to work to get my neck mobile and relieve my back spasms. After nearly a year I was able to trace my issues to my si joint and I have been seeing her every week for the last month and she has eliminated my si joint pain and “unlocked” my si joint and I am now able to bend down and touch my palms to the floor which I have not been able to do without pain for over 7 years.
She has given me mobility back and that will help me start working out at the gym again.

Best regards
M. B.

Dr. Joan’s Medical Massage Therapy Testimonials

…I’m writing this note to share what a difference you’ve made in my life! I breathe differently- thanks for teaching me how to do this! I walk cross-laterally! The exercises you’ve given me continue to strengthen my body. I feel much less pain, more flexibility, and trust that, with your help, I will continue to improve! Many thanks for your healing medical massage!



Dr. Joan Sloss is a wonderful therapist. She not only works on your body but educates you about your body and how you can help your progress. She’s honest and trustworthy. I feel so good after seeing her, whether it’s for relaxation or manual therapy.


I have been going to Dr. Joan Sloss for many years and highly recommend her as a massage therapist. She has gifted hands and knowledge of the body. I’m always amazed how she can find the sore places and heal them. Her genuine concern for her patients is obvious, and she does everything she can to help you.


I have been a regular customer for several years. Initially I came for a luxury – a gift of massage from a coworker. However, I quickly learned these services are much more than a luxury. Dr. Joan, you are so knowledgeable in your field and capable of pinpointing improper breathing and body stance. For a brief time I thought I could not afford the ‘luxury’ of medical massage, however, I soon realized my 69-year-old body became stiff and painful without your services. I now am agile and pain-free, and I plan to continue my good health with your help.


I have been seeing Dr. Joan on a regular basis for over 8 years. She has helped me manage my chronic back pain. The therapeutic massage treatment I receive helps control the pain, plus the exercises she suggests are extremely helpful.


Eight years ago I was constantly sick and had back pain, joint pain, and muscle tightness. I felt like I was 100 years old! I was tired of taking drugs to relieve pain and wanted to find a natural way to heal my body. I found the healthcare professional I was looking for in Dr. Joan Sloss. For the past 8 years, I have received medical massages from Dr. Joan. She not only works on problem areas and relaxation during my appointments, but she also recommended a regular exercise routine, chiropractic care, and nutritional advice. My health is 100% better. I no longer catch every cold or virus going around, and I exercise without pain. Dr. Joan has helped me take control of my health. I will continue to get regular massages for the rest of my life – I only have one body, and I plan to be good to it!


Dr. Joan Sloss is an incredible body worker and an incredible person. You will be amazed at how she can help you. Whether it’s injury recovery or relaxation you seek, Dr. Joan is simply the best!


I was told that due to the type of head injury I received in an auto accident, I would never be able to work as before or regain the functions lost. The improvements I have experienced are many: physical to emotional stability, being able to work, physical functionality, and feeling better mentally and emotionally.


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Neurofeedback Testimonials

I struggled with an uncommon sleep disorder after a 25 foot fall from a roof. Central sleep apnea is a disorder in which my breathing repeatedly stops and starts nearly 60 times each hour during sleep. Central sleep apnea, unlike obstructive sleep apnea, occurs because the brain doesn’t send proper signals to the muscles that control breathing. Besides not getting a restful sleep, the limited oxygen level is unhealthy for brain cell structure.

A sleep study at altitude in Summit County confirmed my need to continue with the use of a VPAP device to assist sleep breathing which I had used for 18 months during sleep. The nightly use of the machine was becoming uncomfortably difficult and inconvenient with travel, and I looked for an alternative treatment. After an initial evaluation by Dr. Penny Montgomery of the Healing Unleashed, LLC homeopathic medical services, I started a series in retraining my brain using the Neurofeedback system. Ten EEG biofeedback trainings directed to different brain function areas, and specifically my brain stem as it was suspect from the major impact from the fall, created an amazing result. Oxygen saturation tests during sleep at both Denver and Winter Park altitudes, confirmed by my sleep disorder doctor, were satisfactory and I was able to discontinue the use of the VPAP machine. The neurofeedback training had returned my brain activity to normal nightly sleep breathing without the aid of a machine. What a great blessing!

Dale BrownDenver, CO

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