Brain Health? A Real “No-Brainer”

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Are you surprised to learn that what’s good for your brain is good for your metabolism, organ systems and total body health?  Consider reading Dr. Daniel Amen’s book, “Change Your Brain Change Your Body.”

You can create a higher functioning brain along with a more youthful body by following sound principles of mind-body medicine.  Dr. Daniel Amen, author of “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life”,  has viewed over 55,000 brain scans (SPECT) looking for trouble with specific brain systems.  The brain imaging work has opened a new window into why people do what they do.

Brain injuries are much more common than once believed.  Even mild trauma to the brain often creates negative changes in brainwave activity.  Without intervention, such as neurofeedback, brainwave changes from trauma can negatively challenge behavior for a lifetime.  People who have had multiple traumatic brain injuries are at greater risk of developing age-related dementia at a much earlier age than those who have had no brain injuries.

People who enlisted in a brain health program achieved improvements with symptoms of anxiety, depression, impulse control and addiction.  Many of the patients also lost weight, and achieved higher levels of brain executive control.  Attention, planning, goal-directed behavior, adaptability, mood stability and other brain-related functions improved.

The one hundred billion nerve cells of your brain will function better or worse given lifestyle habits related to:

  • stress
  • sleep disturbance
  • poor nutrition
  • lack of exercise
  • alcohol abuse
  • caffeine
  • prescription drugs
  • obesity
  • negative thinking

Thanks to brain imaging medicine, the wisdom of lifestyle changes is no longer just good advice; it’s sound scientific opinion.

When brain health improves, individuals gain more control over habits, choices and discipline.  You gain the ability to stick with and follow through on your good intentions. At Healing Unleashed, we have a holistic program to support both brain and metabolic health.

The gates of compassion are opening wider as neuroscience shows more about how experience gets locked into the brain.  Intense, emotionally pleasurable experiences like baking cakes with grandma can lead to emotionally-based cravings for sweets.  The habitual use of carbs, nicotine and alcohol to medicate negative feelings also exposes the brain to an excess of its own neurotransmitters.  Brain chemicals affect the electrical actitivy to control brain function.  The brain needs to be in balance, neither under nor over stimulated.

Brain circuitry can be improved and re-directed with therapies like neurofeedback (brain wave training).  Brain physiology can be improved by better nutrition and lifestyle habits.  Brain science is bringing forth more evidence that a chemical approach (prescription drugs) to managing the symptoms of disease is not the best choice unless other approaches have failed.

Many modern drugs directly alter neurotransmitter activity in the brain.  The ideal solution to brain and body health is to re-establish personal control over brain activity.  Science lacks a long-term, large-picture view of the cascading ethical, mental and physical results of putting human behavior and physiology under the control of chemicals.  Mind altering prescription drugs can cause good experiences despite poor choices and poor judgment.  Once on this track, a person can easily give up personal control to chemical control.

Take a look at the goals you have for yourself with respect to relationships, work, money and health.  What’s holding you back?   Healing Unleashed can evaluate your brain health and provide effective solutions for poor brain performance.  We offer Real Time Digital Feedback along with specific metabolic tests, combined with our other holistic therapies.

Joan Sloss, Ed.D, CMTw

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