Behavioral Problems in Children

Your child is screaming and out of control, angry and aggressive with siblings and schoolmates. The school is threatening to expel your child. You are at your wits’ end. What could possibly be causing your child’s behavior?

The answer to this question may be that many factors are contributing to your child’s disturbing behavior. It doesn’t mean your child is acting out this negative behavior willfully. Most of the time the child has no control over these eruptive behaviors.

Some of the causes of disruptive behavior are:

  • Diet – too much sugar and artificial processed foods
  • Food sensitivities such as gluten and dairy
  • Bullying at school
  • Parental fighting and divorce
  • Brain injury
  • Anxiety
  • Other psychosocial issues at home and school

At Healing Unleashed we have helped many children regain a more positive emotional state and actually feel better about their own behavior and self-esteem.

We begin our work with a functional medicine approach that includes a complete history (especially nutritional history), physical exam, and an EEG. No child deserves to be subjected to the trauma of being out of control.  Let us help.