Back and neck pain

If you are experiencing back or neck pain, please don’t wait to use our services. If your pain persists after using prescription pain killers and muscle relaxants or after chiropractic treatment, call to set an appointment right away.

Here’s why it’s important to immediately treat this type of pain: The small bones of your spinal column are subject to mighty forces that act upon them as you twist, bend, reach, lift, carry, push, pull, and move about. It’s critical that these small vertebrae and the surrounding nerves and soft tissue are safe and protected as you move through your day.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking back pain always originates in the back. In fact, we frequently find that problems with abdominal, chest, and leg muscles directly contribute to back pain. Plus, neck pain often can be caused by jaw problems.

Spinal pain and spinal problems often fail to resolve and heal due to major problems with the shoulder girdle or pelvic girdle. We can balance your shoulder and pelvic girdles to ensure your spine is protected from injury and degenerative forces. Keep in mind, a good therapist will look beyond the spine when resolving spinal problems and pain.

To determine the cause of your back or neck pain, we’ll investigate using principles of kinesiology, the science of human movement. This provides us with a three-dimensional approach to understand how your body integrates itself and how it moves in space. For example, we may discover that a spasm of the diaphragm muscle is causing intense stabbing pain under your rib cage (even though the pain feels similar to a slipped rib) or that a spasm of the quadratus lumborum muscle is throwing your entire spine into an abnormal lateral curve.

Every month, we heal scores of back and neck pain problems. You owe yourself a chance to be well. Let us help you.

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