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Bloated? Tired? Crabby? Do you suspect that you may have leaky gut?

A leaky gut happens when part of our intestinal lining (over 4,000 square feet of surface area) gets damaged. When it’s working properly, tight barriers keep food particles from going into the bloodstream. Yet a crack or tear in the gut lining allows partially digested food, toxins, and harmful bacteria to penetrate your blood stream

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How To Prevent & Reverse Autoimmune Disease

Do you feel like you are teetering on the edge of illness? Constantly tired? Have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Feeling bloated all the time and having trouble losing weight? Does it take forever to get over a cold? These can be signs that your body is under constant stress which could

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6 Things You Might Not Know About SIBO/IBS/Digestive Health

Feel like you’ll just keel over and die some days from intestinal pain while your doctor just keeps saying “it’s all in your head”? Do you get bloated at almost every meal and can’t figure out why? Do you fear restaurant menus because you fear something will just “set you off” and you won’t be

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6 Gut “Killers”

As a trained functional medicine practitioner, I believe that all disease starts in the gut… and when your digestive health is compromised, your body is feeling the impact as well… Here’s 6 things that are killing gut health… 💣 AntibioticsAntibiotics can kill the “good” bacteria in your body, along with the “bad,” and upset the

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What your Poop Says about Your Estrogen Levels

OK, time to talk poop… I know this doesn’t sound like a fun topic, but knowing a little more about your poop (and your elimination habits) can have a HUGE impact on hormonal health.  Pooping is an immediate way to detox your body, and if your poo isn’t healthy (shape, size, and consistency)… it’s usually

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Did You Know You Have Three Brains?

Don’t give your brain ALL the credit for making health decisions. Did you know that we have three “brains”? They all keep your bodily functions running well with very different jobs.  Have you heard the term “mind-body” connection?  We are realizing, now more than ever, with modern medical research that the body has constant “conversations”

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