Homeopathic Treatment for ADD in Lakewood and metro Denver, CO

What is ADHD and what causes it?

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD, formerly called just ADD) seems to be the “disorder” of modern humanity, affecting children and adults.  No one has the answer to what causes it.  As with so many dysfunctional disorders, the causes is probably many.  The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 3%-5% of children have ADHD.

ADHD is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder with problems of attention and hyperactivity (which may not always be present).  It is diagnosed two – four times as frequently in boys as in girls.

ADH is primarily a genetic disorder.  For the remainder of cases it may be the residual result of early traumatic brain injury or other impediment to normal brain development, especially exposure to toxins in the environment.

What are the Symptoms?

•    Inattentive
•    Hyperactivity
•    Impulsivity

•    Can’t pay attention
•    Trouble focusing; easily distracted
•    Doesn’t listen
•    Difficulty remembering things and following instruction
•    Disorganized, can’t plan ahead and finish projects
•    Loses or misplaces homework, etc.

•    Constantly moving
•    Leaves seat when expected to sit still
•    Talks excessively
•    Always on the go

•    Blurts out answers without hearing the whole question
•    Difficulty taking turns
•    Often interrupts
•    Intrudes on other people’s conversations or games
•    Can’t keep the emotions in check, resulting in angry outbursts

Conventional Medical Treatment versus Homeopathy

Prescription drugs are used to manage symptoms, but the side effects can be troublesome and even dangerous.  Many parents are coming to realize that these powerful drugs cannot help their child heal and are beginning to turn to other more natural, holistic therapies.   That is where homeopathy can shine.  Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus, MD, a board-certified pediatrician, now practices only homeopathic medicine in our center.  For years as a practicing pediatrician Dr. Bedinghaus was pressured by parents and schools to write prescriptions for drugs like ritalin.  This was one of the reasons she decided to leave conventional medicine and find more effective ways to help children and adults heal.

Homeopathy works by restoring homeostasis and balance in the whole being.  It is safe and effective in reducing the symptoms of ADHD and eventually with time and patience the child or adult will have more normal neurological functioning.  Dr. Bedinghaus is available for a brief phone consultation to discuss homeopathic care with you.  Please call now at 303-986-0492.